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10th May 2020

Picture of All Saints Church

Doddinghurst Village

If you are looking for the Doddinghurst Parish Council website, it has moved to this new location

Covid_19 : Need to make yourself a mask or two?

Click here for some good patterns and full instructions
The translation from the original Chinese is fairly well done but still makes you think hard about what is intended! "Wrong Side" means Inside, for example
Be careful not to do what seems natural and run the bottom seam right across when
you sew the two halves together or you won't get the paper filter to fit.
Also its very easy to get the elastics on the inside when you sew the halves together.
The only things that you need are some fabric - ideally polyester-cotton,
some elastic and/or tapes to hold the mask on,
a short length of wire to seal it round your nose, and, if required,
a piece of kitchen towel to achieve quite a good level of filtration.

Peter Fisk